1 Peter 1-12

October 15, 2017


1. Privileged to be born again. 


2. We are privileged with great assurance! 


3. Privileged to be served by prophets and




Finish the phrase: One privilege I currently enjoy is… (ex. Freedom of religion)

Read 1 Peter 1:1-3

How would you summarize what God has done for you?

When you ponder the idea of being chosen, what is stirred within you?

Why would Peter want the people to have grace and peace to be multiplied to them?

What is the difference between addition vs multiplication of grace?

How does this text relate with Romans 8:29-30?

What difference does it make (in your life) to be sprinkled by Jesus’ blood?

Describe the “living hope” that is expressed by your life.

Read v4-5. Why do we need this assurance of heaven kept salvation?

Who do you know that needs invited to receive this gift of salvation? Pray for their openness and an opportunity to share.

Closing: Praise God for the privileges He has given you.