He is Risen Indeed!



     Mary Magdalene was asked twice, “Woman, why are you weeping?" Once by the angels and once by Jesus. In both cases, she voiced her desire to find the body of Christ. She did not want to be separated from His presence. He had meant so much to her! It was then that Jesus called her by name. She evidently wanted to embrace Him because he responded immediately by asking her to not cling to Him. Rather, He had a mission for her. She was to go tell the disciples, His brothers, He was alive. 

     I am moved by the fact that in essence, Jesus said, “We aren’t lingering here, go and tell my brothers, I am returning to heaven." What did he call them? Not "my slaves," not "my friends," but "my brothers." A new relationship had been birthed through His death and resurrection. This new relationship meant that we could stand clean before a Holy Father. In doing so, He speaks to us our value and mission.

     Like Mary, we get to help people find eternal life in Christ. There is no higher calling than to change someone’s eternal dwelling place. Let’s join the journey of loving people into a growing relationship with Jesus. Why? He is risen indeed!