King Jesus

Jesus: Conquering King & Suffering Servant

Sermon Follow Up

Pastor Carly Bartlett


Do you remember dial-up internet? 

Do you remember life without Siri?

What would you do without your microwave and Chick-Fil-A's drive-through? 

We live in an instant gratification world. We text, expecting an answer immediately. We want food immediately. We want happiness and satisfaction immediately.


Last Sunday, Pastor Tim shared a powerful message about Jesus' journey to the cross. As Jesus entered into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the people praised and honored Him. They believed that their Conquering King had come to overthrow the government and bring about victory. Yet, they missed that Jesus had come as a Suffering Servant. They had constructed a picture of the Messiah based upon their expectations and desires. They were looking for a quick fix, but Jesus came to bring complete and total victory.


This week, as we anticipate the victorious celebration of Easter, I wonder if we need to pause and focus on Jesus as the Suffering Servant. I wonder if we need to allow for ourselves to experience the tension of waiting. Jesus brought about a victory that was more than the people could have ever imagined, yet in the moment, many of them missed it. In our fast-paced lives, it is easy for us to miss what God is doing too! So, this week, what if we S L O W E D down.


I believe this Easter season, Jesus wants for us to experience new depths of freedom, joy, and victory. Yet, often the victory comes in ways we could have never expected. What if we were willing to step aside from our instant gratification culture and truly follow Jesus to the cross this week? He has called us to daily take up our cross, and I don't know about you, but this week, I need to be reminded that this call is not a sprint or a check mark on my to-do list. Taking up my cross means embracing Jesus' plans, timing, and ways. Taking up my cross means praising Jesus as the Conquering King, but also following in His footsteps as a suffering servant. 


We hope you will join us for our Good Friday service this Friday when we will remember Jesus' death on the cross and allow for His suffering to prepare us for His victory.


May God's grace be evident to you and your families during this Holy Week.