Finding Freedom in Confession

Finding Freedom in Confession.

Sunday Follow up

by Pastor BRent Deakins


     You've heard the phrase, "Confession is good for the soul" before, but have you ever understood why this is true?  

     This week, Pastor Tim unpacked the concept that confession actually brings freedom to our lives.   Confession isn't for God's benefit, it is for ours.   Confession brings truth to light and breaks the bondage that plagues us.  When we get to the point of realizing that our silence will never solve our sin, we come to the realization that confession is our ally.

     If you are struggling this week with shame, doubt or regret, know that Jesus is offering forgiveness, freedom and deliverance.  I challenge you to read and pray through Psalm 32:1-7 this week, and go through the same process that King David expressed.  Blessings are waiting on the other side of forgiveness!

     May you be blessed.