Easter at ENC

The Hand of God.

Sunday Follow up

by Pastor Ed Weaver

     Pastor shared on Sunday from Nehemiah 2. In v. 8, it said, "And the king granted me what I asked, for the good hand of my God was upon me."
Isn’t that an awesome story? When have you experienced the hand of God on you? It can be in the form of guidance, instruction, or discipline. Here I sense that it was in guidance and comfort. You see, obeying God requires that we trust Him to open the doors necessary to complete the task before us. Another way to say that might be, "dare to care." Taking a risk believing that He will supply the resources necessary for the calling. Nehemiah was so trusting that he took all his needs before the King asking him to supply what was needed. Risky or not so risky?
I invite you to look for where the hand of God is leading you this week and take the journey with Him. You’ll be surprised to find out how BIG God is and what doors He can open.