Aware Enough to Care

Aware Enough to Care.

Sunday Follow up

by Trevor Lubiens


     "I love moving!" said no one ever. Well, maybe there are a few crazy people that love moving. I'll admit there are a few aspects about moving that I appreciate like throwing things away! I love decluttering. My favorite thing about moving is going into an older house and fixing it.

The thing I have found about fixer upper is that it is so much easier to fix things right after the move. It may have something to do with adrenaline but I think it has more to do with the newness. The longer you're in the house, the more accustomed you become to the chipped paint, that missing trim piece, and that weird odor that kinda smells like a wet dog rolled around in dead fish. What's that? That's just our house? Okay. Don't worry. I just called the rug doctor.

Unfortunately, the newness can easily wear off in our family lives as well. We can become so acustomed to things like fighting, yelling, ignoring, and blaming hat we subconsciously throw up a white flag and think this is the way it will always be. 

n our new series, Better Homes and Gardens, astor Tim challenged us to be aware about our families. And not just aware enough to  acknowledge that there may be disfunction or a lack or love and mutual submission within our families, but aware enough to care and to do something about it. 

Pastor Tim challenged us to care about the health of our families as much as Nehemiah cared about rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem for his people. When Nehemiah learned of the state of the city and of his people, Scripture tells us he wept and fasted and prayed for many days. Talk about caring. His prayers lead him to action. 

I was challenged on Sunday to pray for my family, to examine our family dynamics, to see my family with fresh eyes so I could spot the peeling paint or that gaping hole that I have been ignoring. I was challenged to be aware enough to care about my family and to seek God's will for us. I truly believe if we all cared enough to pray and fast for our families, if we allowed God to be the center of our homes, if we, through the power of the Holy Spirit, began the work of building walls of protection around our families, that God will be faithful to redeem any brokenness and that we could all have better homes and gardens.