Uncluttered Mat

Sermon Follow Up


Uncluttered Mat


How do those two words go together? Pastor Tim presented to us the idea that having an uncluttered life (slowed down versus busy life) can allow us to see needs around us. Which in turn allows us to step in and help the person by carrying a corner of their mat. 


See Matthew 5:17. I love this idea for several reasons. 


#1 I don't have to carry all the weight of others' needs. 


#2 Which means I can trust God to take care of the total need. 


#3 Uncluttered means there is less for me to keep spinning.  


#4 Slowing down allows me to see what God is up to in blessing others. And this one might be my favorite. 


So, I have two questions. What is one thing you can say no to or remove from your life to slow down? What value have you found in living an uncluttered, slowed down, more simple life?

Pastor Ed


Practice time in prayer. Check out Pastor Tim's challenge of 30 minutes in daily prayer here.


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