New Youth Ministry Assistant on Board!


From Pastor Brent:
What is Prayer? Is it a emergency calling service? A dime store purchase? A slot machine of requests? Absolutely not! Prayer is a relationship.Pastor Tim invited us into relationship this year with the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe who wants to be intimately connected to us through Prayer.  

John 17 tells us that we have Instant Access to God, that we have Complete Acceptance with Christ and that we are Assured of Answers when we pray. Those are promises you can take to the bank this year. Will you accept a 30 minute a day challenge to be a person of prayer in 2017? We are trusting and believing that this winter will not be marked by the snowpocalyse, but marked by a fresh fire of God's Holy Spirit burning in our hearts.

If you missed the sermon last week, take some time to check out the podcast.

Don't forget to be part of the night of Prayer and Worship, Friday, January 20th, 7pm! Put it on the calendar!     


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INTRODUCING . . . Kelly Nigro as ENC's new Youth Ministry Assistant!
Kelly has been attending ENC for the past 2 years and has been involved in Kid Ministry - nursery and VBS - during that time. She grew up in Woodland, WA and attended NNU on an athletic scholarship. She graduated in 2013 with a BA in Communications and minor in Psychology. Kelly loves working with students and has a heart for helping youth to see their true value and potential! Kelly's role as Youth Ministry Assistant involves helping Pastor Matt out with communication and other administrative tasks along with relational ministry: connecting with students one-on-one, being involved in girls' small groups and youth camps, and building relationships with students and parents. Kelly has great insight and discernment in her ability to build relationships and to encourage. We are truly privileged to have her working alongside Pastor Matt! Feel free to reach out to Kelly through email at