Be Defined by our Futures in Christ


     When I was a teen, I wanted a car because I believed it would give me the life I wanted. So, I started saving up my money. When I was finally able to buy it, I was so excited! Think of a time you wanted something. How badly did you want it? 

     Pastor has started a series on, "The Life You've Always Wanted." It begs the question, are you living the life you've wanted, and if not, what steps do you need to take to get there? 

     Pastor's main point Sunday was, "God doesn't define us by our failures. He defines us by our futures!" We are thankful for that, aren't we? We have all sinned and fallen short of His glory (Romans 3:23). 

     I have come to realize that my past successes do not define my future either. While God knows our past, He is more interested in our present and future. Moses learned this at the burning bush. God sent him back to where he had failed in the past to release him into an incredible future. 

Let's embrace God's definition of who we are and go for it!


Pastor Ed Weaver



Practice time in prayer. Check out Pastor Tim's challenge of 30 minutes in daily prayer here.


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