Beyond Our Walls

Pastor Brent Deakins


We had an amazing weekend Beyond Our Walls serving our city in Prayer, serving our community at Eagle Clean Up, being part of the Nick Vujicic event, and connecting with Brian Tibbs from Extreme Nazarene.  Brian challenged us to seek first His Kingdom and let all things come behind Jesus.  His touching stories and real life examples inspired us to be a people giving Beyond our Walls.  If you did not have a chance to pledge to the Beyond Our Walls Missions Campaign, we would love for you to be part of the amazing work God is doing.  You can contact the church office or go to the website

We Thrive Because We Have Purpose

Back Where We Came


We Thrive Because We Have Purpose. Our purpose is found in Jesus and with Him, we are never alone.

Accompanying Bible reading: John 20:10 & Luke 24:13-34

He walks with us in our darkness.

He works with us in our grief.

He deals with their wrong perspective.

He grounds them in His Word.

Jesus waits to be invited in (Verses 28-29).

He was with them at the table when they broke bread.

They went back where they had once been with hope and purpose restored.

Our purpose is not found in ourselves but in serving our God. Pray about your involvement in upcoming events and missions. When we serve God and live our purpose, we thrive!

He is Risen Indeed!



     Mary Magdalene was asked twice, “Woman, why are you weeping?" Once by the angels and once by Jesus. In both cases, she voiced her desire to find the body of Christ. She did not want to be separated from His presence. He had meant so much to her! It was then that Jesus called her by name. She evidently wanted to embrace Him because he responded immediately by asking her to not cling to Him. Rather, He had a mission for her. She was to go tell the disciples, His brothers, He was alive. 

     I am moved by the fact that in essence, Jesus said, “We aren’t lingering here, go and tell my brothers, I am returning to heaven." What did he call them? Not "my slaves," not "my friends," but "my brothers." A new relationship had been birthed through His death and resurrection. This new relationship meant that we could stand clean before a Holy Father. In doing so, He speaks to us our value and mission.

     Like Mary, we get to help people find eternal life in Christ. There is no higher calling than to change someone’s eternal dwelling place. Let’s join the journey of loving people into a growing relationship with Jesus. Why? He is risen indeed!

King Jesus

Jesus: Conquering King & Suffering Servant

Sermon Follow Up

Pastor Carly Bartlett


Do you remember dial-up internet? 

Do you remember life without Siri?

What would you do without your microwave and Chick-Fil-A's drive-through? 

We live in an instant gratification world. We text, expecting an answer immediately. We want food immediately. We want happiness and satisfaction immediately.


Last Sunday, Pastor Tim shared a powerful message about Jesus' journey to the cross. As Jesus entered into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the people praised and honored Him. They believed that their Conquering King had come to overthrow the government and bring about victory. Yet, they missed that Jesus had come as a Suffering Servant. They had constructed a picture of the Messiah based upon their expectations and desires. They were looking for a quick fix, but Jesus came to bring complete and total victory.


This week, as we anticipate the victorious celebration of Easter, I wonder if we need to pause and focus on Jesus as the Suffering Servant. I wonder if we need to allow for ourselves to experience the tension of waiting. Jesus brought about a victory that was more than the people could have ever imagined, yet in the moment, many of them missed it. In our fast-paced lives, it is easy for us to miss what God is doing too! So, this week, what if we S L O W E D down.


I believe this Easter season, Jesus wants for us to experience new depths of freedom, joy, and victory. Yet, often the victory comes in ways we could have never expected. What if we were willing to step aside from our instant gratification culture and truly follow Jesus to the cross this week? He has called us to daily take up our cross, and I don't know about you, but this week, I need to be reminded that this call is not a sprint or a check mark on my to-do list. Taking up my cross means embracing Jesus' plans, timing, and ways. Taking up my cross means praising Jesus as the Conquering King, but also following in His footsteps as a suffering servant. 


We hope you will join us for our Good Friday service this Friday when we will remember Jesus' death on the cross and allow for His suffering to prepare us for His victory.


May God's grace be evident to you and your families during this Holy Week. 

Aware Enough to Care

Aware Enough to Care.

Sunday Follow up

by Trevor Lubiens


     "I love moving!" said no one ever. Well, maybe there are a few crazy people that love moving. I'll admit there are a few aspects about moving that I appreciate like throwing things away! I love decluttering. My favorite thing about moving is going into an older house and fixing it.

The thing I have found about fixer upper is that it is so much easier to fix things right after the move. It may have something to do with adrenaline but I think it has more to do with the newness. The longer you're in the house, the more accustomed you become to the chipped paint, that missing trim piece, and that weird odor that kinda smells like a wet dog rolled around in dead fish. What's that? That's just our house? Okay. Don't worry. I just called the rug doctor.

Unfortunately, the newness can easily wear off in our family lives as well. We can become so acustomed to things like fighting, yelling, ignoring, and blaming hat we subconsciously throw up a white flag and think this is the way it will always be. 

n our new series, Better Homes and Gardens, astor Tim challenged us to be aware about our families. And not just aware enough to  acknowledge that there may be disfunction or a lack or love and mutual submission within our families, but aware enough to care and to do something about it. 

Pastor Tim challenged us to care about the health of our families as much as Nehemiah cared about rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem for his people. When Nehemiah learned of the state of the city and of his people, Scripture tells us he wept and fasted and prayed for many days. Talk about caring. His prayers lead him to action. 

I was challenged on Sunday to pray for my family, to examine our family dynamics, to see my family with fresh eyes so I could spot the peeling paint or that gaping hole that I have been ignoring. I was challenged to be aware enough to care about my family and to seek God's will for us. I truly believe if we all cared enough to pray and fast for our families, if we allowed God to be the center of our homes, if we, through the power of the Holy Spirit, began the work of building walls of protection around our families, that God will be faithful to redeem any brokenness and that we could all have better homes and gardens.

Living Full of Jesus!

Living Full of Jesus!

Sunday Follow up

by David Reimer


     Pastor Ed shared a great message centered on Jesus' teaching in Matthew 6:1-4.  In this passage, Jesus speaks about the motive of our living, serving, and giving.  Jesus keeps it simple though, clumping all that together in one word: 'righteousness.'

     "Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. 2 So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."  Matthew 6:1-4 (emphasis mine)

     So, what motivates your acts of righteousness - your serving, your giving, your living? 

     In reality, Jesus is calling us to be motivated by who he is!  He is saying, "David, I love it when you give!  Even when your motive isn't quite right, I still love your giving!  However, have you ever tried giving out of a heart of trust?  That is, do you trust me, David?  Do you trust that if you give, truly seeking nothing in return, I, your Father in Heaven will repay you?  I know it feels risky to give in a way that won't naturally garner a reward from those around you.  But, you can trust me!  I, your True Father, will reward you!"

     When we are able to serve, give, and live - exercise righteousness - out of the fullness of Christ, we are truly giving to fill another.  We aren't asking for anything back.  Christ is our reward.  When we learn to give in this manner, we can constantly live full!  This is my personal prayer for myself, and for us as a church.  

     God, please teach me, teach us how to trust you completely!  Teach us how to rest our full weight in you!  Teach us to be full-hearted, because YOU have already filled us, expecting nothing in return and trusting you to be our portion.  We love you.  Amen.

Finding Freedom in Confession

Finding Freedom in Confession.

Sunday Follow up

by Pastor BRent Deakins


     You've heard the phrase, "Confession is good for the soul" before, but have you ever understood why this is true?  

     This week, Pastor Tim unpacked the concept that confession actually brings freedom to our lives.   Confession isn't for God's benefit, it is for ours.   Confession brings truth to light and breaks the bondage that plagues us.  When we get to the point of realizing that our silence will never solve our sin, we come to the realization that confession is our ally.

     If you are struggling this week with shame, doubt or regret, know that Jesus is offering forgiveness, freedom and deliverance.  I challenge you to read and pray through Psalm 32:1-7 this week, and go through the same process that King David expressed.  Blessings are waiting on the other side of forgiveness!

     May you be blessed.


Releasing Pride, Welcoming Humility

Releasing Pride.

Sunday Follow up

by Pastor Ed Weaver


    Pride won't be happy until it has us on the throne.  

    Pride imprisons us in a life limited by our wrong perceptions.

    Pride de-prioritizes everyone else in the room because there is not room for our pride and others at the same time. 

     Pride cannot grow in a servant heart, but humility can!

     There is a solution to the pride we fight with every day.  When we learn to humble ourselves and become a servant like Jesus, pride dissipates and God's character illuminates.

     Today is your day to embrace true greatness like Jesus did, "who being the very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, and took on the nature of a servant... He humbled himself to becoming obedient to death- even death on a cross!"  Phil. 2:6-8

     May we embrace the true joy of serving others as the key to killing pride in our lives... and - in so doing - be able to truly live! 

Uncluttered Mat

Sermon Follow Up


Uncluttered Mat


How do those two words go together? Pastor Tim presented to us the idea that having an uncluttered life (slowed down versus busy life) can allow us to see needs around us. Which in turn allows us to step in and help the person by carrying a corner of their mat. 


See Matthew 5:17. I love this idea for several reasons. 


#1 I don't have to carry all the weight of others' needs. 


#2 Which means I can trust God to take care of the total need. 


#3 Uncluttered means there is less for me to keep spinning.  


#4 Slowing down allows me to see what God is up to in blessing others. And this one might be my favorite. 


So, I have two questions. What is one thing you can say no to or remove from your life to slow down? What value have you found in living an uncluttered, slowed down, more simple life?

Pastor Ed


Practice time in prayer. Check out Pastor Tim's challenge of 30 minutes in daily prayer here.


Giving Statements

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Choosing Celebration

Sermon Follow Up


Choosing Celebration


   The other night, we stayed up and watched a movie as a family: Waiverly, my 4-year-old daughter, Declyn, my almost 2-year-old daughter, my wife, Jenee, and me. When the movie ended, a very fun, up-beat song came on that solidified the emotion that we were experiencing because of the outcome. I witnessed both of my girls dancing and singing along without a care in the world. They were celebrating the victory that they had just witnessed. 


   Celebration comes from a grateful heart. Two weeks ago, the teens at our church went to winter camp. I know a lot about what they deal with at home and school. I hear a lot about the struggles they have with identity and family life. But on Saturday night of camp, they celebrated like none of that existed. They chose to have a grateful heart in spite of their various circumstances. It was one of the most amazing nights I have experienced in a while because God's freedom was truly felt.


Psalms 63:2-4

2 I have seen you in the sanctuary
    and beheld your power and your glory.
3 Because your love is better than life,
    my lips will glorify you.
4 I will praise you as long as I live,
    and in your name I will lift up my hands.


   Will you choose to have a grateful heart and experience God more fully, leading you to the abundant life that He has for you? I encourage you to dance like a 4-year-old and have fun with God and the people around you! 



Director of Encounter Youth Ministries



We want to do the right thing at the right time in the right spirit to become the right kind of people.  


Practice time in prayer. Check out Pastor Tim's challenge of 30 minutes in daily prayer here.


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Be Defined by our Futures in Christ


     When I was a teen, I wanted a car because I believed it would give me the life I wanted. So, I started saving up my money. When I was finally able to buy it, I was so excited! Think of a time you wanted something. How badly did you want it? 

     Pastor has started a series on, "The Life You've Always Wanted." It begs the question, are you living the life you've wanted, and if not, what steps do you need to take to get there? 

     Pastor's main point Sunday was, "God doesn't define us by our failures. He defines us by our futures!" We are thankful for that, aren't we? We have all sinned and fallen short of His glory (Romans 3:23). 

     I have come to realize that my past successes do not define my future either. While God knows our past, He is more interested in our present and future. Moses learned this at the burning bush. God sent him back to where he had failed in the past to release him into an incredible future. 

Let's embrace God's definition of who we are and go for it!


Pastor Ed Weaver



Practice time in prayer. Check out Pastor Tim's challenge of 30 minutes in daily prayer here.


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Unity With God Through Prayer

From Trevor Lubiens:


"On defense, we will start out on black into red and on offense let's run play #3 to Graham." These were the predictable words of my high school basketball coach at the end of every pregame talk my senior year. If I were to round up all nine seniors that were on the King's Knights varsity team in 97', I am 99.99% sure they could all tell you the same thing. I could take it a step further and tell you the details. All of our defenses were color coordinated. Black was a 1-2-1-1 full court press, gold was a 1-2-2 zone/man hybrid, white was our 2-3 zone, and red was our regular half-court man-to-man defense. 


Coach Peterson was the best high school basketball coach I could have asked for. And...we were good! In fact, my senior year we were 20-0 going into the postseason! But many teams have great coaches and still lose. What was the difference for us? Unity.  


But the unity didn't just happen. There were a few of us on that team that had played together since 8th grade. Some of the guys had played together since 5th grade. We knew each other. But more than knowing each other, we knew our Coach.


For me, it really started my freshman year when I didn't make varsity or junior varsity. I was placed on the c-team. I was devastated. I can still remember nervously walking into Coach Peterson's office and simply asking him what I needed to do to make varsity next year. Coach Peterson was so excited to talk with me, and I remember him telling me that he was always available whenever I needed him. I took him seriously.


That off-season I worked so hard at perfecting my basketball game, especially on those things Coach told me I needed to work on. Guess what? That next year I skipped right over junior varsity and made varsity! The next three years I spent so much time with Coach P through regular seasons, spring leagues, summer leagues, early morning workouts, or catching up in his office. By my senior year of basketball, I practically knew what Coach was going to say before he said it. It's almost like he was playing through me. We were one. So were most of the other guys on the team. And because of that oneness, because of that unity...we won! 


That is the prayer of Jesus in John 17. 


"Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one-I in them and you in me-so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me."


God wants to spend time with us! God is always available! God wants us to ask what we need to do to make varsity! God wants us to ask how we can be better people, better husbands, better wives, better parents, better bosses and employees, better servants, better kingdom builders. Prayer is one of the best ways I know of being united with God. Just think what might happen if we all did that? What if we all sought God's will and then played together as a united team? That is an exciting thought.



Practice time in prayer. Check out Pastor Tim's challenge of 30 minutes in daily prayer here.

Family Prayer and Worship Night This Friday!



From Pastor Carly Bartlett:
During the last few weeks, the Treasure Valley has gotten slammed with snow! The Narnia-like snow is beautiful, but it has also caused some problems for people, especially when it comes to driving! Recently, my husband and I were driving home and came upon a young woman whose vehicle was stuck in the snow. By the time we arrived, it was clear that she had been spinning her wheels for quite some time, with no luck of getting out. Mike pulled over and worked on digging out her car. Unfortunately, by spinning her wheels she had caused her car to go so deep in the snow that the only solution was for her to get towed. 

This last Sunday morning, Pastor Jerry shared a great message with us on the topic of worry! As I processed the message, I thought about the young woman who was stuck in the snow. She revved her engine and spun her wheels, but she remained at a standstill. I think the same goes for worry! Sometimes, we get into slippery situations, and spinning our "mental wheels" doesn't do us any good. We put all of this time and energy into processing and analyzing, but we have no forward motion. Instead of worrying, God calls us to rest and wait for Him. I suppose in this analogy, He is the Mighty Tow Truck Driver! After all, He is the Deliverer! When we rely on His wisdom and guidance, our circumstances lose their power over us. We stop spinning our wheels! Fretting and worrying are no longer necessary when we put our full trust in our all powerful, faithful, loving God.

Saint Augustine once prayed, "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you." When difficult or unforeseen circumstances arise, God does not ask us to analyze, control, or try to come up with a solution. Instead, He simply invites us to rest. He is in the business of redeeming, restoring, and reconciling. He is trustworthy, and in all seasons He whispers to us, "Be still and know that I am God."    


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New Youth Ministry Assistant on Board!


From Pastor Brent:
What is Prayer? Is it a emergency calling service? A dime store purchase? A slot machine of requests? Absolutely not! Prayer is a relationship.Pastor Tim invited us into relationship this year with the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe who wants to be intimately connected to us through Prayer.  

John 17 tells us that we have Instant Access to God, that we have Complete Acceptance with Christ and that we are Assured of Answers when we pray. Those are promises you can take to the bank this year. Will you accept a 30 minute a day challenge to be a person of prayer in 2017? We are trusting and believing that this winter will not be marked by the snowpocalyse, but marked by a fresh fire of God's Holy Spirit burning in our hearts.

If you missed the sermon last week, take some time to check out the podcast.

Don't forget to be part of the night of Prayer and Worship, Friday, January 20th, 7pm! Put it on the calendar!     


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INTRODUCING . . . Kelly Nigro as ENC's new Youth Ministry Assistant!
Kelly has been attending ENC for the past 2 years and has been involved in Kid Ministry - nursery and VBS - during that time. She grew up in Woodland, WA and attended NNU on an athletic scholarship. She graduated in 2013 with a BA in Communications and minor in Psychology. Kelly loves working with students and has a heart for helping youth to see their true value and potential! Kelly's role as Youth Ministry Assistant involves helping Pastor Matt out with communication and other administrative tasks along with relational ministry: connecting with students one-on-one, being involved in girls' small groups and youth camps, and building relationships with students and parents. Kelly has great insight and discernment in her ability to build relationships and to encourage. We are truly privileged to have her working alongside Pastor Matt! Feel free to reach out to Kelly through email at